Oil paints vs oil pastels

Going to start working in Oil paints again.  I like to mix the perfect color instead of layering colors to get the color I need.  I am also going to start painting on canvas and panel boards. In addition I get get more detailed with oil paints.  Sometimes when I am working with oil pastels I feel like I am working with crayon.  When you are trying to render something like a sailboat portrait and details are important doing it with oil pastels is challenging.  Working with oil pastels I always have this certain point when I am working with it that I can't stand it. Its before the color is blended together. The texture is grainy and it looks like a rough drawing. At that point I feel like I need to quit and I get frustrated with the medium. So I will be going back to oil paints.  I've been painting with oil paints since I was 17 so thats my medium.  The one thing I do like though about oil pastels is that they push you to look at the overall composition because you just can't get that detailed.