A Promise to my collectors

I promise that all the images that I have painted are from my own reference photos. I don't take images off the internet and paint them. I will only paint from my own reference photos because then I can make sure to capture the soul of the place. I think this is more authentic. Its not just a pretty picture. I feel I can bring a deeper sense of place to you this way because I have been there. 

Inspiration from other artists

I just found this artist on instagram and I LOVE her work. But it is a double edged sword because when you see someone that is soooo good you question your own work. You wonder if it should be more like theirs but what I am getting out of looking at other amazing artist is that I can learn something from their work and how to be an even better artists. This can be done without copying an artist. Maybe they use values that really do a great job of making the picture look like it has depth and maybe their colors are fantastic and they use color schemes.  We can truly learn to grow when we can recognize why their work is so fantastic. 

The soul of the place

I am discovering that my work can delivery a more complete picture than a photo can. That in a nutshell is why it is so rewarding to me. Because even though the painting might be abstract it imparts more of the real flavor and colors than a photo can. The true soul of the place....This way I can bring that feeling to you. 


Finding my style

I am finding my style now and am loving working with oil paints again.  It is so rewarding to me. I can paint really fast and I know this medium very well and can really work the paint to achieve what I want. Painting now everyday almost and loving it.  


Oil paints vs oil pastels

Going to start working in Oil paints again.  I like to mix the perfect color instead of layering colors to get the color I need.  I am also going to start painting on canvas and panel boards. In addition I get get more detailed with oil paints.  Sometimes when I am working with oil pastels I feel like I am working with crayon.  When you are trying to render something like a sailboat portrait and details are important doing it with oil pastels is challenging.  Working with oil pastels I always have this certain point when I am working with it that I can't stand it. Its before the color is blended together. The texture is grainy and it looks like a rough drawing. At that point I feel like I need to quit and I get frustrated with the medium. So I will be going back to oil paints.  I've been painting with oil paints since I was 17 so thats my medium.  The one thing I do like though about oil pastels is that they push you to look at the overall composition because you just can't get that detailed. 



Consistently simple

There is one thing that I notice and maybe others might not but I am feeling like my work is consistent in its simplicity and peaceful nature.  Even though I am changing subjects I still have a consistent feeling with my work. I went from painting Japanese tea ceremony scenes, water lilies to drawing sailboats and now to just drawing sails.  I think many artist vary in subject matter but the base theme is the same.  This is the way with my work anyway. I am going to keep doing whatever speaks to me and whatever inspires me and helps me to relate my overall message of peace and simplicity.